Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Right Brain / Left Brain

I noticed the other day that 90% of my gray hair is on the right side of my head.  Does that make me Right brained, or left brained?  If I remember correctly from school it is the opposite side.  This leads me to believe the left side of me is more stressed than the right side.  :D 

Could it be that C is left handed... so he is causing all my gray hair to be on the right side of my head?   I think I'm going to go with that.  :D 

On a different kind of note... Why do gray hairs have a mind of their own?  Mine stick up in all their glory.  Not straight ones... they are nice and wavy and straight up.  I would pull them but that only means that more will return.  Now that I think of it... I think the reason I have so many isn't because of C, it is because M pulled one of the obnoxious ones out one time.  That has to be it.  It is all because of M.... although it still doesn't explain why they are primarily on the right side of my head.... Ideas??

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Tammy said...

Lol blame it on M!!!!!