Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Short and sweet..

A little background.  I'm a Mommy to a 2.5 y/o boy... Wife to a wonderful Man that gives me everything I ask for.  I am going to try to put down how my life goes.  The struggles... the impatience... and all the things that I go through.  I know there are others like me... some may put some things out there... and maybe keep the 'rough' stuff hidden.  I'm not sure how much I'm going to share... but I am going to put out there some of my struggles. 

I am overweight... there I said it... I am about 20lbs lighter than I was when I first got pregnant with P.  I am having the inner struggle of talking myself into losing weight.  What can I cut out of my diet... I should work out... BUT I have yet to motivate myself off of the couch and away from the computer and Facebook games.  Plus the 24 hours a day I spend with P. 

P is in the mist of potty training.  On one of the blogs I follow, I read about , and registered myself and moved forward.  P has been out of diapers since the 10th of July and doing pretty good.  He doesn't exactly tell us he needs to go potty, but he will tell us 'potty' after he has soiled his big boy pants.  I have to keep on top of him and ask and ask if he needs to potty.  I am full on bribing him with chocolate, suckers, and happy face stickers.  I know there will be accidents... and I try to prevent them as much as possible.  Not always am I quick enough though.  Patience I guess.  Something I don't have a LOT of. 

I have also tried to transition him for like the last 9 months from his crib into a big boy bed.  It started with him freaking out when we would put him in his crib at night... and he would try to climb out.  So we immediately found a big boy bed for him.  Then I became the comfort for him by climbing in beside him into his twin sized 'Big Boy' bed, and reading to him and laying with him until he went to sleep.  Now every night I am in there with him until he goes to sleep.  Lately though he is starting to fight it more and more by screaming and screaming before he will FINALLY succumb to sleep.  My patience is starting to wain and I have no clue where to go from here. 

I have learned that it isn't the quantity of friends... it is the quality of friendship in the friends I have.  I am very thankful for the ones I have.