Sunday, July 17, 2011


WOW... Uncomfortable is one of the words that was used when they were explaining to us the procedure. When we went in, the nurse was very forward in telling me over and over... it is going to be PAINFUL.  Not what you want to hear at 6:30 in the morning.  I knew we were willing to try anything to have this baby girl naturally.  Well, after a HORRIBLE start with getting the IV in.  The first TWO tries in my left wrist-like area were unsuccessful, I cried a lot.  Another nurse came in and got the IV in my right hand.  Then I was given a shot in my arm of some medicine that was to relax my uterus, to try and make things easier to get baby girl to flip in the head down position.
The doctor and my midwife tried to move her two times in each direction, and then one to grow on in another.  She was very stubborn, and would start to move but as soon as they would let go... she would go right back to her favorite "head up" position.  They kept a close eye on her heart rate to make sure she didn't have any sort of distress.  The whole procedure I don't think lasted more than 5-10 minutes, but it sure felt like hours.  After they finished, they had me stay in the hospital being monitored for about 2 hours to make sure she didn't have any bad reactions.  All was well, and we were discharged and sent home.  :)  My midwife said she would let us know when a c-section would be scheduled.

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