Monday, July 11, 2011


Where does stress come from?  I keep asking myself that.  Three weeks ago, we went to one of those 3D/4D mall places to see the baby.  It was pretty awesome... Except for that here lay on your back for 20 minutes. Talk about painful.  Anywho, they were the first to tell us that our girl is still in the breech position.  At the time of the ultrasound she was horizontal with her head to my left.  The lady doing the ultrasound quickly pointed out that on second pregnancies, the baby sometimes doesn't "flip" until the 38th week.  At the time of the ultrasound we were 34 weeks.  Oh, the stress didn't start at that point... I was good.  :D
Lets move ahead to week 36 (last Tues).  I had my normal appointment... everything was good... but the doc did a little ultrasound just to look around.  She said our girl is definitely breech.  Her head is right up front and center.  She said we should go home and twice a day try to make her "uncomfortable".  I am to prop up my hips, drink cold ice water thru a straw, AND put frozen veggies on her head.  Hopefully that would make her uncomfortable enough to flip on her own.  Or next option would be to schedule a time to go to the hospital, for the doctor and her (midwife) to try and manually move her.  All the while they would be monitoring her to make sure there was no distress.  If the veggies don't work, and she doesn't move manually... that we would have to schedule a c-section for week 39.
I remember hearing about this when we took our birthing classes with C.  They said it was really painful etc... I asked and she said that it is uncomfortable and that I can stop them at anytime.  She said there are some things that could happen, but that is why it is done in a hospital and not in her office.
Well, we have been doing the frozen veggie thing, but I think our girl is MUCH smarter than we gave her credit for.  As soon as I get in position and get the veggies on her head, she moves her head away... not down... not to flip.. just like back and away from the veggies.  As soon as my 5 minutes are up.. she pops out her head, and ta da... she is in the same location.  Uggg... Kinda funny... but she needs to get to moving.
Tomorrow we are going back for our weekly appointment, and to check on the ultrasound again.  I am nervous etc... I know she hasn't moved with her twice a day veggies.  We will definitely know more tomorrow... but wow the stress is getting to me.  ;(
I did a stupid thing... I looked up c-sections on the internet and it said that babies are "less likely" to breastfeed after a c-section.  That part I am not ready for.  I so want to breastfeed, and have that closeness with my daughter.  I was able to breastfeed C for just shy of a year and a half...
My Hunny is telling me not to think about those things until we know for sure what is going to happen.  Lets hope I can get my mind onto a different subject.  Crossing my fingers...

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